Parish Councillors

The Parish Council is comprised of 9 Parish Councillors as listed below with responsibilities and contact details. There a currently 2 vacancies for Parish Councillors

Dave Wingrove  - Chairman Planning Committee, Finance, Police Liaison eMail Tel: 01285 861409  
Alex Tindall   Planning Committee, Minerals, Highways, Flood Risk eMail Tel: 01285 860095  
Sam Crawford   Planning Committee, Playing Fields, Highways, School eMail Tel: 07887 421974  
Malcolm Carter   Cotswold Water Park Liaison, Neighbourhood Plan eMail Tel: 01285 860105  
Margaret Cooper   Planning Committee, Finance, Village Hall Liaison eMail Tel: 01285 861673  
Andrew Levens   Environment, Historic Conservation eMail Tel: 01285 861728  
Barry Ellison   Environment, Minerals, Playing Fields, Flood Risk eMail Tel: 01285 861681  
Mike Smith   Planning Committee eMail Tel: 07786 064850  
Natasha Inzani   TBA eMail Tel: 01285 869350