Parish Councillors

The Parish Council is comprised of 11 Parish Councillors as listed below with responsibilities and contact details. There are currently no vacancies for a Parish Councillor.

Dave Wingrove  - Chairman Planning Committee, Finance, Police Liaison
Sam Crawford   Planning Committee, Playing Fields, Highways, School
Malcolm Carter   Cotswold Water Park Liaison, Flood Risk Management
Margaret Cooper   Planning Committee, Finance, Village Hall Liaison
Diana Wain   Footpaths & Cycleways
Barry Ellison   Planning Committee, Minerals, Playing Fields, Flood Risk Management
Mike Smith   Planning Committee
Natasha Inzani   Charities Liaison, Flood Risk Management
Beverley Low   Planning Committee, Footpaths & Cycleways
Russell Blackaller   Footpaths & Cycleways
Phil Moran   tba